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Microsoft Entourage is a popular email client and personal information manager, which stores all your business-critical data in a database. In Entourage database, a separate Identity is created for every user or every account. Data for every Identity is stored in a directory, known as Office XXX Identities. The Entourage email folder is stored in Microsoft User Data folder.

Macintosh Entourage enables you to have one or more Identities in the Microsoft User Data folder. Generally Entourage account allows you to switch between Identities. However, it is not possible to switch to the older Identity, unless you import data. For instance, Microsoft Entourage 2008 can’t read Entourage 2004 or Entourage X database.

The terms Microsoft Entourage database and Identity are generally used interchangeably. The Identity is defined as a “User”, but the term user is generally used by Mac OS. MS Entourage account stores all the data in Identity and Mac OS makes Users. Users directory is stored at root level of startup Mac disk and has Home directories for the user accounts.

When MUD (Microsoft User Data folder) is moved in Documents folder, Macintosh Entourage software creates a blank Identity. The name of Identity is Main by default and it stores all emails, contacts, notes etc.

Entourage provides you with an option to backup the database in RGE file. The backup process is known as archiving. You can repair Entourage database by importing the RGE file to Microsoft Entourage account. However, if backup is not valid, Entourage repair may become need of hour.

Entourage recovery is best possible using advanced and powerful third-party Entourage database recovery software. The Entourage software helps you to repair and restore the damaged database in simple, fast, and secure way.

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