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Microsoft Entourage 2008 is the successor of Microsoft Entourage 2004. It is a part of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. Entourage is a popular and widely used email client, developed by Microsoft for Macintosh operating system. Macintosh Entourage 2008 is more elegant and smoother than earlier versions.

Microsoft Entourage Email client looks like native Mac application and is a Universal Binary application. Entourage software runs on both PowerPC and Intel processors. The newer version has a standard and customizable toolbar. Entourage 2008 account performs more quickly than those of previous versions.
Microsoft Entourage 2008 has a great set of features, which include the followings:

  • Improved Database- The Entourage databases of earlier versions were very fragile as compared to Entourage 2008. Database Utility is also very effective.
  • Preview Pane- This option displays the picture of sender in the Preview Pane. The picture is showed only if you have stored a picture in contacts of particular user by whom you receiving the mail.
  • My Day- It is the all new feature of Entourage account that lets you easily access your to do list, tasks, and calendar even without running full Entourage software.
  • Reminders- Microsoft Entourage 2008 guarantees that you do not miss any meeting. It reminds you for both the calendar appointments and to do lists.
  • WebKit Integration- Entourage 2008 uses Appleā€™s WebKit to render the complex HTML emails. It helps the application to effectively integrate with Safari and Mac OS X operating system.
  • Digital Signing and Encryption- The successor of Microsoft Entourage 2004 digitally signs and encrypts emails by support for the latest hash algorithms.

Although the Entourage 2008 database is more reliable and Database Utility is more effective than earlier versions of Entourage email client, but still you come across Entourage errors. Such errors may make your database in accessible and put you in need of Entourage repair solutions. Entourage recovery is best possible with the use of third-party Entourage database recovery software.

Entourage software enables you to carry out in-depth database scan and extract all precious emails, notes, contacts, tasks, journal, and other data from it. Through rich user interface and non-destructive nature, they repair Entourage database in easy and safe way.

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