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Microsoft Entourage Email database include a number of Identities. The Identity feature enables several Entourage users to access their respective E-mail accounts that include emails, notes, contacts, tasks, journal, and uniquely configured settings. Every Entourage database Identity behaves like a separate account in same database.
You can use the Identity feature of Microsoft Entourage account in either of the following scenarios:

  • When several users with different email accounts and the personal information use same computer. It is a quite common scenario in most of the houses, where only a single Mac OS X computer exists.
  • In case you want to differentiate your personal emails, schedules, contacts, and tasks from the items which are associated with your work.

Where is MS Entourage Identity Stored?

You can locate your Identity through the following steps:

  • Go to Documents folder in- Users: <user name>:Documents.
  • Open Documents folder and open Microsoft User Data folder.
  • Open Office 2004/2008 Identities folder.
  • Find and click the desired Identity folder.

Microsoft Entourage enables you to switch between different identities. By default Microsoft Entourage account uses “Main Identity” to store all your valuable information.

At times, your Entourage database Identity may get damaged due to numerous reasons and database become inaccessible. The most frequent reasons of Identity corruption are comprise of application malfunction, Identity header corruption, virus infection, improper system shutdown, database structure corruption, and user errors.

When it happens, the database can not be accessed and you run across significant data loss situations. All your precious emails, notes, tasks, contacts, journal, and attachments become totally inaccessible. At this point, an absolute and valid backup proves great help for Entourage recovery.

However, if backup is either not updated or available at all, Entourage recovery software becomes need of hour. Such Entourage repair tools come equipped with advanced scanning techniques to ensure absolute Entourage database recovery.

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