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When an Entourage information store is created, disk space is assigned for data that Entourage information store gets as you work on your Entourage account. When you remove or add new messages, tasks, notes, journals, and appointments, the Entourage database may develop some wasted disk space. Over time, the database inconsistencies might occur from this situation.

In such situations, the Entourage Email account might not respond properly when you attempt to remove or move some items from any folder. Entourage account may encounter problems when you start the application. At this point, Database Utility helps you to rebuild the database and remove inconsistencies.

How to Start Entourage Database Utility?

In order to start Database Utility in Microsoft Entourage, you need to hold down ‘Option’ key and then start MS Entourage. It opens a Database Utility window. You can select the database, which you are required to maintain, in the Database Utility window. Microsoft Entourage includes the below activity options in Database Utility:

  • Verify Database Integrity- You can check for database corruption using this option. If any problem is detected, you can rebuild database. In case Entourage database is working properly, it will not make any change.
  • Compact Database- In order to compact the database and backup current Entourage database files, you can use this option. It helps you recover space from database.
  • Rebuild Database- To ensure perfect Entourage repair, compact the database files, and create backup of current database, you can use this option. In case you are using MSN, Hotmail, IMAP, or Microsoft Exchange Server accounts, you have to download entire folder list and messages from server again.
  • Set database preferences- Allows you to set the preferences on Entourage database for various users.

Although, Database Utility helps you to perform Entourage recovery in most of the database corruption scenarios, however some Entourage errors can not be fixed by it. At this point, third-party Entourage recovery software come for your help.

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