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Microsoft Entourage is a most commonly used and powerful E-mail client by Microsoft for Mac OS X operating system. It is a part of Microsoft Office for Mac suite. Microsoft Entourage 2008, part of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, is a Universal Binary product and works on both Intel and PowerPC CPU-based Macintosh computers.

Viruses are malicious programs that may affect the functionality of your computer and damage the Entourage database. They may enter your system through various ways including Internet, network, external devices, and Email. When you open a virus infected Email in Entourage account, the database may corrupt and lead to data loss.

The best way to prevent this Entourage error is to use an updated Anti-virus application. The software is particularly designed to scan your entire hard drive and remove the viruses. Viruses usually affect the header of the Entourage database and make it unreadable by Microsoft Entourage email client.

In case of Macintosh Entourage database corruption due to virus infection, an updated archive of database in the form of RGE file comes for your help. You can import RGE file in Macintosh Entourage and replace the damaged database.

In case archive or backup is not updated, you may need to repair Entourage database by rebuilding it. It is possible to rebuild the database using inbuilt utility of Microsoft Entourage, known as Database Utility. The tool is pretty easy to use and offers database verification, compaction, and rebuild.

However if the problem remains unsolved after rebuilding the database, third-party Entourage repair software come for your rescue. The Entourage software are capable of extracting all database items, including emails, notes, tasks, contacts, attachments, appointments, and journal.

Entourage database recovery utilities do not demand sound and prior technical skills to repair the database as of their rich graphical and highly-interactive user interface. They preserve total integrity of database, without changing database structure and stored data, with read-only conduct. Such software offer absolute Entourage recovery in all cases of database corruption, nevertheless of the cause and extent of damage.

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