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Like all other computer operating systems, Mac OS X also includes ‘Shut Down’ option, which is essential for safe turn off of the system. However, under some circumstances like power outages, operating system crash, and user errors, the system may shut down improperly.

Improper system shutdown is very harmful for Mac applications, including Microsoft Entourage. It may damage the database and cause data loss. After corruption, Macintosh Entourage Email client can not read the database and it is rendered completely inaccessible.

This behavior of Entourage database makes emails, notes, contacts, journal, tasks, appointments, attachments, and other Entourage account items unusable. In such critical situations, it becomes essential to repair Entourage database to gain access of your precious data.

There are three possible ways to recovery data from Entourage database-

  • Restore database- You can archive Entourage database by exporting your Identity to an RGE file on your Mac hard drive. The Entourage archive can be used to restore corrupt database. You need to just import Entourage archive to your Entourage account.
  • Rebuild Database- If there is no backup in place, you can rebuild Entourage database using Database Utility. It is a built-in tool of Macintosh Entourage, which can be accessed by holding Option key while starting the Entourage Email client.
  • Use third-party applications- In case you have used both of the above options and database is still inaccessible, Entourage repair software are required to repair and restore Entourage database. These are commercial applications, which can be downloaded from Internet.
Entourage recovery tools are the last resort to fix any kind of database corruption. They are capable of extracting all database items in all cases of corruption. The absolute Entourage database recovery is ensured by these tools with highly-advanced scanning techniques. Such tools are totally safe and easy to use.

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