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Microsoft Entourage, a popular email client and personal information manager from Microsoft for Mac OS X operating system, stores your valuable data in a single database. Entourage database comprise of a unique Identity for each user, which contains emails, tasks, notes, contacts, attachments, journal, and appointments.

Most of the Macintosh Entourage users use the terms Identity and database interchangeably. However, you should not confuse with that. Database is totally different concept. A database may have various Identities for different users. Identity behaves as a database for the respective user.

The database has a unique structure, which needs to be intact for proper processing of Entourage account. If something goes wrong with the Entourage database structure due to virus infection, improper system shutdown, and application malfunction like situations, database corruption may occur.

Corrupt Entourage database can not be recognized by Macintosh Entourage application. All your significant items become inaccessible and you run across severe data loss problems. Database structure corruption does not let you retrieve any information from the database.

At this point, Entourage archive helps you to get your data back. Archive is a backup of Microsoft Entourage database that helps you to repair Entourage database in all cases of corruption. You can easily restore the database backup by importing RGE (Entourage archive) to Entourage account.

If you do not frequently archive Entourage database, database can not be restored. In such situations, Database Utility can prove a helpful tool. It comes equipped with Microsoft Entourage email client and allows you to rebuild entourage database. You can also verify database corruption and compact Entourage database using this tool.

In case database is still inaccessible after applying both of the above methods, Entourage repair software becomes need of hour. The Entourage database recovery tools successfully handle all corruption issues.

Entourage recovery applications recover emails, journal, notes, appointments, tasks, contacts, attachments and other database items. Such Mac Entourage repair tools are totally safe and easy to use.

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