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Like other databases, Microsoft Entourage also contains a database header to identify the database and read data from it. The database header comprise of name of the database, database type, database size, and different characteristics of database. The header is found at beginning of the database, which is first read when database is accessed by Microsoft Entourage email client.

The header of Microsoft Entourage database may get damaged due to a wide variety of reasons, which include improper system shutdown, virus infection, application malfunction, and user errors. When it occurs, Entourage account and Entourage database can not be accessed by the application. It leads to severe data loss and put you in need of Macintosh Entourage recovery solutions.

Entourage software can not recognize the database and extract emails, notes, tasks, journal, contacts, attachments, and appointments from it. In such cases, an updated backup of the database proves real help. You can easily restore database from back and prevent data loss.

Microsoft Entourage lets you create backup, which is commonly known as archive, of the database in the form of RGE file. The backup can easily be restored by importing the RGE file to Entourage account. In order to ensure complete Entourage database recovery, the backup must be updated and valid.

If a complete backup is not available, database header corruption can be handled by rebuilding the database. Microsoft Entourage facilitates rebuilding of header file corrupted database using Database Utility, inbuilt database maintenance tool of Macintosh Entourage.

In case database is severely damaged and can not be repaired using Database Utility, you need to opt for Entourage repair software. These are third-party applications that methodically scan whole database using advanced scanning algorithms and ensure perfect recovery.

They repair Entourage database in all corruption scenarios and offer safe recovery with read-only and non-destructive conduct. Such tools are capable of extracting all Entourage database objects. With simple user interface and self-descriptive feature, the software are totally easy to use.

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