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When Microsoft Entourage database starts behaving strangely, you may need to check the database for corruption. Sometimes the database might become completely inaccessible and produces errors while extracting information from it. At this point, you need to verify database using the Database Utility.

Database Utility includes “Verify database integrity” option that lets you check your Entourage Email database for errors. You can also using this feature while the database is working properly. In case corruption is detected, you can try rebuilding the database to fix the problem.

You must always verify the database integrity before rebuilding it. Go through the underwritten steps to verify Entourage database:

  • Close all MS Office applications, including Macintosh Entourage and Microsoft Office Reminders.
  • Open Microsoft Entourage account while holding the Option key. The Database Utility is opened.
  • Select the Entourage database that you want to verify.
  • Select Verify database integrity feature from Database Utility window and click Continue button.
  • Follow on-screen instructions. If you get any error after completion of the process, the database is faulty; otherwise it is in working state.

If the database is corrupt, repair Entourage database by rebuilding it. The database can be rebuilt using the “Rebuild Database” option of Database Utility. It rebuilds the database and makes it accessible again.

If the problem persists, use Entourage repair solutions to repair and restore the database. Such Entourage database recovery tools are easily downloadable from Internet and help you recover from almost all types of database corruption scenarios. They restore all database objects, including emails, contacts, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes, and to do list.

Entourage software do not require any prior experience and sound technical skills as of their easy to use features. The applications preserve complete integrity of the database with non-destructive Entourage recovery conduct.

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