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Microsoft Entourage stores all the data for every user’s Identity in Office XXX Identities folder that is stored in Microsoft User Data or MUD folder inside Documents directory. You can have one or more than one Identities in this folder. When the Identity of Entourage account gets damaged you can not access emails, contacts, journal, notes, tasks, and other items from it. It leads to severe data loss situations and you have to rebuild Entourage Identity to work around the issue.

You are highly recommended to create a complete backup of Entourage database. If the rebuild process fails, it may render your database inaccessible. The data may also be lost in such cases. You can find your Entourage email database in the Microsoft User Data folder inside the Documents folder. You can also archive the database by using the Export option on File menu.

Go through the following methods to rebuild Macintosh Entourage database Identity-

  • Close all anti-virus and Microsoft Office applications, including Office Notifications and Microsoft Messenger for Mac. Such tools may interface with the rebuild process.
  • Start Entourage software while holding the Option key on your keyboard. It opens Database Utility, inbuilt database maintenance utility of MS Entourage.
  • Select the database Identity that you need to rebuild.
  • Choose Rebuild Database option from Database Utility window.
  • Click Continue button to start the rebuild process.

In case rebuild can not repair Entourage database, you can use the Advance Rebuild option. However, you may lose some of your valuable data during this process. The option should be used only as last resort.

If rebuilding can not fix the corruption and database remains unusable, third party Entourage repair tools come for your help. Such applications thoroughly scan the entire Entourage database using high-end scanning algorithms and offer complete Entourage recovery.

Entourage Software are completely easy to use with simple graphical user interface and offer quick Entourage database recovery. They do not change original data and structure of the database due to read-only nature.

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