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Database corruption is a pretty common scenario in Microsoft Entourage and may occur due to a wide range of reasons including Entourage errors, virus infection, application malfunction, unexpected system shutdown etc. When it happens, all the database objects, such as emails, notes, contacts, tasks, to do list, and attachments become inaccessible and unusable.

In order to work around such problems with Entourage account, Entourage software offers you an inbuilt tool called Database Utility. It provides you four basic features to verify database corruption, compact Entourage database, rebuild database, and set database preferences. The rebuild database feature of Database Utility enables you to repair the damaged Microsoft Entourage database and restore data from it.

Follow the underwritten steps to rebuild Microsoft Entourage database:

  • Close all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Launce MS Entourage while holding Option key to start Database Utility.
  • Select the affected Identity of Entourage database.
  • Select Rebuild Database from the Database Utility window.
  • Click Continue button to repair Entourage database.

However, rebuilding the database helps you keep your database in working state, but you should not use this option as regular database maintenance. To ensure perfect safety of your database, you are recommended to backup the database frequently. Backup proves great help in all database corruption scenarios and offers perfect Entourage database recovery.

In case backup is not valid or updated, it is unusable and can not be used to restore the database. At this point, third-party Entourage repair applications help you repair and restore the damaged database.

The Entourage software are capable of systematically scanning whole Entourage database using powerful scanning algorithms. Such tools offer easy recovery in all corruption scenarios with self-descriptive and highly rich graphical user interface. Entourage recovery software preserve total integrity of the damaged database due to non-destructive and read-only nature.

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