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Microsoft Entourage uses single database for storing all the email, notes, tasks, contacts, attachments, and other Entourage account data. Whenever, you remove any of the Entourage account items, the size of Entourage database is not reduced automatically. But, the space is declared as free and can be reused for storing new Entourage email items.

In order to reduce the database size, it is essential to compact Entourage database. Compacting is the only method to compressing Macintosh Entourage database. It also helps you to increase database performance and prevent Entourage errors due to increased size of the database.

You can compact database using the Database Utility tool of Microsoft Entourage. It is an inbuilt utility that helps you to compact and backup current Entourage database files. The feature enables you to recover or free up some database space. Follow the underwritten steps to compact Microsoft Entourage database:

  • Close all anti-virus applications and Microsoft Office application, including Microsoft Entourage and Office Reminder.
  • Re-launch Macintosh Entourage application while holding the Option key on your keyboard. It opens Database Utility.
  • Once you see the Database Utility screen, select the affected Entourage account Identity, which you wish to compact, from list at top.
  • Select the “Compact Database” option and then click Continue button.

It is highly recommended that you should always archive the database before you proceed for any of the operations using Database Utility as a minor mistake may lead to database corruption. In case of corruption, database backup allows you to repair Entourage database, without using third-party applications.

However, if backup is either unavailable or invalid, Entourage repair tools become need of hour. The third-party applications use advanced database scanning techniques and ensure absolute Entourage recovery in all cases of corruption.

Entourage software ensures perfect and safe Entourage database recovery with read-only nature. You need not to be technically advanced to use these applications as they are incorporated with simple and rich interactive user interface.

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