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Like other popular databases, Microsoft Entourage database is also fragile and very prone to corruption to due to Entourage errors and several other reasons. In order to prevent Entourage account errors and prevent database corruption, backup proves great help.

Backup is the identical copy of the Macintosh Entourage database that is stored somewhere on your Macintosh hard drive in the form of RGE file. You can restore the backup or can import the RGE file in back to Entourage email client. For complete and safe Entourage recovery, you must update and validate backup regularly.

To archive Entourage database, follow the below steps:

  • Remove all the data from Deleted Items folder to exclude unwanted items from the backup file.
  • Click Export option on File menu.
  • Click Export items to an Entourage archive and then select all the database items that you wish to backup.
  • From Archive the following item types choose all the items that are required and click right arrow.
  • Confirm whether you want to remove items that you’re exporting or not and click right arrow.
  • Enter storage location and name of archive file and click Save button.

Use the below steps to restore data:

  • Select Import option from File menu.
  • Select Import information from an Entourage archive and click right arrow button.
  • Locatev GE file on the hard drive and click Import button.

Database corruption may put you in a big trouble if you do not have valid or updated backup. In such situations, the database becomes totally inaccessible and unusable. In order to extract data from Entourage database, Entourage repair applications remains the only way to go.

Entourage database recovery tools work in virtually every situation of database corruption and retrieves all database items such as emails, contacts, journal, notes, project files, attachments, and tasks. They come equipped with interactive user interface and read only conduct to repair Entourage database in an easy and secure way.

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