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Entourage Repair Post Disk Space Issues on Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives (SSD) are very fast and reliable as compared to traditional hard drives. However, they are quite expensive and thus most of the modern Apple computers include 64 GB or 128 GB of SSDs. This is a very less space for a general use computer and can face space problems. Sometimes, when you start applications, such as Entourage, you may encounter memory errors. Such problems can also lead to database corruption and put you in need of Entourage recovery solutions.

The following scenarios explain the problem in much detail:

  1. You have a computer with 64 GB SSD, which you use to store emails, documents, and spreadsheets.
  2. When you attempt to start Microsoft Entourage E-mail client to access your emails, you get the following error message:
    “your startup disk is almost full”
  3. When you check the Entourage database size, it shows more than 20 GB, which is very large database size.
  4. When you remove some data and start the application again, you face the same problem. The error message occurs, even if you have almost 10 GB of free disk space.

This situation indicates database corruption and you have to opt for Entourage database repair solutions to get your critical Entourage items back.


The problem seems to be caused by a failed rebuild process. When the Rebuild process fails, the Identity may get multiple databases. Such issues occur when the database is severely damaged and the Rebuild process cannot fix it.


You can get rid of this problem by:

  1. Rebuilding the database on an External hard drive as the Database Utility needs plenty of free disk space to rebuild the database.
  2. Restore the database from the most recent backup. The backup can be either in RGE or an MBOX file. Time Machine backups are not reliable and can also damage the database.
  3. Use third-party database recovery applications to repair and restore the damaged Entourage database.

Such commercial tools are capable of extracting all inaccessible and unusable data from the database and restore it in original state. They offer safe, quick, and absolute recovery of all your precious data.

Entourage Database Recovery Using Complete and Valid Backup

Emails and other personal data are very important for every computer user. Similarly backup is essential to ensure good health of your precious information. Most of the E-mail clients provide options to export emails, notes, contacts, tasks, and other personal information to create backup. Microsoft Entourage for Mac enables you to export data as RGE file, which you can later import to perform Entourage repair in case of corruption.

There are various methods that you can use to back up your Entourage database:

  1. Set a task to remind you of backing up the database. Mac OS X operating system enables you to use iCal and Automator to automate the backup process.
  2. Export all your data to RGE file, which is an archive of Entourage database, using the Export option under file menu. You can also archive the selected items.
  3. Manually move the selected Entourage folder to an external hard drive or storage media, which will be safe in case of any failure of damage. The folders are stored a MBOX.
  4. Close all Office applications and use Time Machine to back up the database.  However, this is not recommended as a best practice because if your database is being written while backing up, corruption may take place.

When you create backup using the Time Machine, you cannot generally discover the corruption. You realize the backup file corruption only when you perform Entourage recovery by restoring the database from backup.

Mac OS X also includes a feature, called Snapshot, which enables you to restore a version of the corrupted file that was working fine earlier. It allows you to go back in time where the file was not corrupted and replace the file.

However, under some situations, you may find that your database is severely damaged and nothing is working to get it back to life. In such situations, third-party recovery applications come for your rescue. They are particularly designed to extract all inaccessible data from inaccessible database, using the most advanced and effectively recovery algorithms.

Entourage Repair to Deal with Most Common Corruption Scenarios

Are you facing corruption problem with your Microsoft Entourage database? Is your Entourage database inaccessible and you are not able to use your critical data? This is a very common and serious issue that many Entourage user face while using this E-mail client and personal information manager. To deal with this problem and perform Entourage recovery, Microsoft Office for Mac includes Database Utility.

The Database Utility has a feature called Rebuild that makes a damaged Entourage database accessible again. It works in most of the database corruption situations. However, you should not use it in all corruption scenarios. Following are the most frequent problems, which can be fixed by rebuilding the Entourage database:

  • Entourage does not start, quits unexpectedly, or stops responding.
  • You cannot open Entourage items, or the opened items are not the ones you selected.
  • You see blank lines in between the Entourage messages or contacts.
  • Entourage does not display the contact entries correctly.
  • The search results are not correct. It does not match the search criteria.
  • The application displays corruption error messages, which makes data inaccessible.

When you run across the below situations, you need Entourage database recovery solutions to get your critical data back.

Follow the below mentioned steps to rebuild an Entourage database using the Database Utility:

  1. Close all Microsoft Office for Mac applications. You can do it by restarting your Mac.
  2. Check the free space on your Mac OS X hard drive. Rebuild may fail if disk does not have space.
  3. Detect and backup the current Entourage identity. It avoids further corruption to the database.
  4. Hold down the Option key and start Entourage. It opens the Database Utility window.
  5. Select your Database on the screen and click Rebuild database. You can check the process on the screen.
  6. You get the “Your database was successfully rebuilt” message after successful completion of the rebuild operation.

This option is helpful in various corruption scenarios; however it does not guarantee complete recovery. In order to deal with issues that Rebuilding cannot fix, you can use third-party database recovery applications. Such tools are capable of extracting all inaccessible data using advanced recovery algorithms.

Entourage Database Recovery to Fix Hidden Database Corruption

It is highly recommended to create regular backup of the Entourage database to protect it from corruption. However, some users do not backup the database and face corruption issues. Such problems need Entourage database repair solutions to work around the problem.

Finding out the corruption is a very important step in saving the database from further corruption and data loss. There are various symptoms, like the following ones, which tell you about the damage:

  • You cannot open and see the database items.
  • Entourage receives or shows blank emails, without any text.
  • Emails are stuck in your account and you are not able to delete them.
  • The application does not open or it freezes while opening and gives error message.
  • There are some big gray blank areas of almost 3-4 lines in freezes the application when you click on them.

This list of symptoms goes on and on. Whenever you come of know about corruption, you should stop using the e-mail client and opt for Entourage repair solutions.

Microsoft Entourage might work without any problems, even if the database is damaged. You have to find out the database corruption using the following methods:

  • Verify Database Integrity- The easiest step to detect database corruption is to use Database Utility to verify the database. You can launch the tool by holding down the Option key while starting the application.
  • Export Database as RGE File- Even if the Database Utility does not detect any problem, this is not absolutely sure that the database is not damaged. To ensure this, you should export the database as an Entourage archive. If the process fails, database might be damaged.
  • Export Database as MBOX Files- This step gives you complete assurance that the database is working perfectly. Export Entourage databases to MBOX files by dragging one folder at a time to your desktop.

In case you detect corruption using any of the above methods, you need to work around it using any of the following methods:

  • Restore the database from recent backup
  • Rebuild the database using Database Utility, if backup is not available
  • Repair the corrupt database and restore it to original format using third-party recovery tools

The commercial applications are designed to retrieve inaccessible database objects in all situations of corruption. They are designed to perform absolute scan of the damaged Identity and extract emails, notes, tasks, contacts, calendar entries, and other database objects.

Entourage Repair to Fix “Microsoft Entourage cannot be opened.” Error

Microsoft Office for Mac is the most popular productivity application suite for both professional as well as home computer users. The 2004 and 2008 version of MS Office for Mac includes a useful E-mail client, called Microsoft Entourage. It has a number of advanced features, which makes the personal information manager different from other similar applications. Entourage stores data in a reliable database, which is less prone to corruption. However, there are some application related errors that make your data inaccessible and put you in need of Entourage recovery solutions.

Consider the below scenario, which occurs while accessing Microsoft Entourage application, to better understand the situation:

  • When you start Microsoft Entourage application on your Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating system based computer, you run across the following error message:
    Microsoft Entourage cannot be opened because of a problem.
    Check with the developer to make sure Microsoft Entourage works with this version of Mac OS X. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and Mac OS X.
  • After the above error message, Entourage application and all its data becomes inaccessible.

This issue can lead to data loss and require Entourage database repair to be fixed.


Following are the two most common reasons of this problem:

  • You have accidentally moved or duplicated the Office program.
  • Entourage database is corrupted and the application cannot find required information to start.


Go for any of the following solutions to correct this problem, depending on the cause of the issue:

  • Check if the Office 2008 or 2004 folder is in Applications folder. If it is not there, then the problem is because Office program is moved. Locate the Office folder and move it to Applications folder.
  • If the path is correct and you are still getting the error, try reinstalling the application and restoring the database from backup.

If a valid backup is not available, then you need to opt for third-party recovery tools. Such applications are particularly designed to extract emails, tasks, notes, contacts, attachments, and other items from the damaged and inaccessible Entourage database.

Recover Entourage Database If Identity Does Not Open With Older Version

Apple provides the most beautiful and advanced computer hardware/operating system in the world. They periodically release new hardware or software to meet new user requirements and performance enhancements. However, sometimes upgrading to the new MacBook and then installing Microsoft Office for Mac on new system may make Entourage inaccessible. This leads to serious data loss and require Entourage repair solutions to be fixed.

You can understand this situation more effectively by going through the following scenarios, which occur with your Entourage application:

  • You migrate to a new MacBook, which has a newer version of operating system.
  • You install Microsoft Office for Mac on the new system using installation disk.
  • When you try to open Entourage after installation is complete, it refuses to start.
  • Other Office applications work file, but you get the following error with Entourage:
    “This identity cannot be opened with this version of Entourage.”

It makes all your critical data inaccessible and puts you in need of the Entourage recovery.

Cause of the issue:

Most Entourage users face this problem if the Identity was created in newer version and they are trying to access it with an older version. When you make a fresh installation of MS Office or Entourage, it does not have the updates, which makes it older than the version in which you had created the database or Identity.


You can easily sort out this issue by installing the most recent updates to MS Entourage. Follow the steps to install updates:

  1. Launch MAU or Microsoft Autoupdater by selecting “Check for Updates” option under Help menu in any Office application.
  2. Close all Office applications. The best way to do this is to log out and log in again by holding down the Shift key.
  3. Let the MAU download the latest updates and install them in order.
  4. Restart your Mac OS X computer. It is very important before starting any application.

Once you have installed the updates, you should be able to successfully access your Entourage data. However, if it is still inaccessible, then it could be due to corruption to the database, which you have to fix using third-party recovery applications, such Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair.

Entourage Database Repair To Fix Issues Post Operating System Upgrade

Software development is an ongoing process and the software vendors provide continues improvements and feature enhancements in form of updates and new versions. The same is true with Mac OS X operating system. The most recent version of Mac OS X operating system is Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. However, sometimes upgrading the newer version of the operating system can affect some existing applications, like Entourage. Such issues can even make your data inaccessible and put you in need of Entourage recovery solutions.

In order to understand this situation, consider the following scenario that you may encounter with Microsoft Entourage on Mac OS X machine:

  • You used MS Entourage on Mac OS X Lion and everything was working fine.
  • When Mountain Lion was release, you upgraded your operating system.
  • When you start Entourage after upgrading the operating system, it does not work.
  • Every time you try to open the Entourage application, it closes with the following error message:
    “Microsoft Entourage encountered a problem and needs to close”
  • You tried to change the Identity to fix this issue, but it does not help.

In order to gain access of your valuable data in such situations, you need to opt for the most effective Entourage repair solutions.


The problem generally caused by any of the following reasons:

  • Entourage preferences are damaged.
  • Microsoft Office installation is faulty.
  • MS Entourage database is corrupted.


Depending on the reason of the problem, you can get rid of this issue using any of the below mentioned solutions:

  • If the problem is caused by damaged preferences, you can fix it by simply deleting the preferences files and restarting the application. Upon restart, Entourage automatically creates new preferences files.
  • In case the above solution does not help, you need to reinstall Microsoft Office for Mac suite. It replaces all the damaged or missing installation files and makes the Office applications accessible.
  • If both the above methods fail, the problem could be due to database corruption. To deal with such issues, you have to opt for effective and advanced Entourage database recovery applications.

The commercial tools are capable of effectively restoring corrupted database with high-end recovery techniques. They offer simple, fast, and safe recovery in easy steps.

Entourage Recovery to Fix “Corruption detected on index” Error

Microsoft Entourage is a very advanced E-mail client by Microsoft Corporation for Mac OS X operating system. One of the most notable features of the application is Exchange Server support. It creates index of all your data in Exchange Server account and provide easy access. However, under some circumstances, you may find that Entourage database is not accessible due to corruption to the index. It leads to critical data loss and need Entourage repair solutions to retrieve data.

In order to easily understand the index corruption problem with your Entourage account, consider the below mentioned scenarios:

  • You receive a new mail in your Entourage account, but are unable to open the same.
  • Every time you click the mail and try to open it, the mail simply disappears from the window.
  • While opening the mail by clicking it, you may also get the following error message:
    “Corruption detected on index [MLRC:1]”
  • The problem persists even if you verify and rebuild the database using the Database Utility.

This issue leads to inaccessibility of data, which causes data loss and require Entourage database recovery to be fixed.


The index errors corruption errors indicate database corruption and Entourage cannot access a corrupted database. This issue is a clear indication of database corruption and you have to resolve it using appropriate solutions.


Go through the below steps to work around this issue:

  • Remove the Exchange Server account from MS Entourage.
  • Turn on the TCPflow and recreate Exchange account. Check the TCPflow log for information about the process.
  • The most frequent errors in the TCPflow log are wrong domain, wrong ID, wrong username, wrong server, and wrong SSL settings.
  • If synchronization takes long time to complete, then set Entourage to sync items of a particular category.

If the above process completes successfully and you get all your data, then the problem is fixed. In case the issue is not resolved or it is not with Exchange Server account, you need to go for third-party recovery applications, which ensure absolute recovery in all cases of corruption.

Entourage Database Recovery Post Disk Failure

Hard drive crash or system failure is one of the most common causes of data loss, which leads to serious results. Disk failures are usually caused by aged disks or power surges, which are very frequent. When a hard drive crashes, all its stored data becomes inaccessible and lead to serious data loss. Such data may include even your precious emails and contacts from Entourage. Entourage database in such cases cannot be restored from Time Machine backup and needs Entourage repair solutions.

In order to fully understand this situation, consider the below mentioned scenarios that you may run across with your Macintosh computer and Entourage database:

  • Your computer is malfunctioned and the hard drive is crashed because of a power failure or improper system shutdown.
  • You have a complete backup of all your data and thus you have restored your system from the Time Machine backup.
  • Everything goes fine with the restore process, but you fail to restore Entourage database from the backup.
  • When you launch Microsoft Entourage E-mail client, it gives you a database error and the Database Utility comes up.
  • Database Utility shows you two database files, one is older and one is very recent, and asks you to select one.
  • When you select either of these Identities, you get nothing in your Entourage database and data remains inaccessible.

This scenario indicates serious database corruption issue and requires Entourage database repair to be resolved.

Cause of the problem

You cannot restore the database from backup because Time Machine does not support backup of Entourage database. It causes corruption and is not advised by the developers of Microsoft Office for Mac.


In order to extract your inaccessible data from MS Entourage database in such situations, you need to restore the database from an RGE file, which is a backup file of the application. This is a manual backup process and RGE file will be available only if you have backed up the database using Export option under File menu.

If backup does not exist, then Entourage recovery software becomes need of the hour. Such tools are capable of dealing with even the most severe corruption problems and restore your database to original state. They deploy sophisticated scanning techniques to ensure absolute recovery of your precious data.

Entourage Repair If Attachments Look Grayed Out After Corruption

Microsoft Entourage is an efficient and feature-rich personal information management application and E-mail client from Microsoft. It has a wide range of features, which include sending files as an attachment to a contact or group of contacts. This feature is very handy for the users who share reports, presentations, documents, and other files frequently. However, there are some situations, where the attachments become inaccessible due to corruption and lead to severe data loss. At this point in time, you need to opt for effective Entourage repair solutions to retrieve your valuable data.

As a practical example of this problem with your Microsoft Entourage account, consider the below mentioned problems that occurs while accessing your emails:

  • When you log into your Entourage account, it works fine and you can send\receive emails without any error.
  • When you attempt to open email attachments, you cannot do that because the attachments are grayed out.
  • If you create a new Entourage user account and try to access attachments, they open perfectly and allow you to save the attachments to your local drive.

This behavior of the application leads to serious data loss and you are required to use high-end Entourage recovery solutions to get them back.

Cause of the problem

This issue most frequently happens due to any of the following reasons:

  • Microsoft Entourage or Microsoft Office preferences are corrupted.
  • Microsoft Entourage database is severely damaged and the application is unable to read it.

How to fix it?

This problem can be handled very effectively using the below methods:

  • Remove Microsoft Entourage and Microsoft Office preferences and restart the application.
  • Create a new user and move all your data to the new user. It fixes user account related problems.
  • Use Database Utility to repair and restore corrupted MS Entourage database.
  • Retrieve inaccessible data using third-party recovery application.

The tools are particularly developed to help you get all your Entourage database objects, such as emails, attachments, notes, contacts, and projects, back after severe corruption. They are best suitable for all major versions of the application, such as Entourage 2008 and 2004.