Entourage Repair Post Disk Space Issues on Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives (SSD) are very fast and reliable as compared to traditional hard drives. However, they are quite expensive and thus most of the modern Apple computers include 64 GB or 128 GB of SSDs. This is a very less space for a general use computer and can face space problems. Sometimes, when you start applications, such as Entourage, you may encounter memory errors. Such problems can also lead to database corruption and put you in need of Entourage recovery solutions.

The following scenarios explain the problem in much detail:

  1. You have a computer with 64 GB SSD, which you use to store emails, documents, and spreadsheets.
  2. When you attempt to start Microsoft Entourage E-mail client to access your emails, you get the following error message:
    “your startup disk is almost full”
  3. When you check the Entourage database size, it shows more than 20 GB, which is very large database size.
  4. When you remove some data and start the application again, you face the same problem. The error message occurs, even if you have almost 10 GB of free disk space.

This situation indicates database corruption and you have to opt for Entourage database repair solutions to get your critical Entourage items back.


The problem seems to be caused by a failed rebuild process. When the Rebuild process fails, the Identity may get multiple databases. Such issues occur when the database is severely damaged and the Rebuild process cannot fix it.


You can get rid of this problem by:

  1. Rebuilding the database on an External hard drive as the Database Utility needs plenty of free disk space to rebuild the database.
  2. Restore the database from the most recent backup. The backup can be either in RGE or an MBOX file. Time Machine backups are not reliable and can also damage the database.
  3. Use third-party database recovery applications to repair and restore the damaged Entourage database.

Such commercial tools are capable of extracting all inaccessible and unusable data from the database and restore it in original state. They offer safe, quick, and absolute recovery of all your precious data.

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