Entourage Database Recovery Using Complete and Valid Backup

Emails and other personal data are very important for every computer user. Similarly backup is essential to ensure good health of your precious information. Most of the E-mail clients provide options to export emails, notes, contacts, tasks, and other personal information to create backup. Microsoft Entourage for Mac enables you to export data as RGE file, which you can later import to perform Entourage repair in case of corruption.

There are various methods that you can use to back up your Entourage database:

  1. Set a task to remind you of backing up the database. Mac OS X operating system enables you to use iCal and Automator to automate the backup process.
  2. Export all your data to RGE file, which is an archive of Entourage database, using the Export option under file menu. You can also archive the selected items.
  3. Manually move the selected Entourage folder to an external hard drive or storage media, which will be safe in case of any failure of damage. The folders are stored a MBOX.
  4. Close all Office applications and use Time Machine to back up the database.  However, this is not recommended as a best practice because if your database is being written while backing up, corruption may take place.

When you create backup using the Time Machine, you cannot generally discover the corruption. You realize the backup file corruption only when you perform Entourage recovery by restoring the database from backup.

Mac OS X also includes a feature, called Snapshot, which enables you to restore a version of the corrupted file that was working fine earlier. It allows you to go back in time where the file was not corrupted and replace the file.

However, under some situations, you may find that your database is severely damaged and nothing is working to get it back to life. In such situations, third-party recovery applications come for your rescue. They are particularly designed to extract all inaccessible data from inaccessible database, using the most advanced and effectively recovery algorithms.

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