Recover Entourage Database If Identity Does Not Open With Older Version

Apple provides the most beautiful and advanced computer hardware/operating system in the world. They periodically release new hardware or software to meet new user requirements and performance enhancements. However, sometimes upgrading to the new MacBook and then installing Microsoft Office for Mac on new system may make Entourage inaccessible. This leads to serious data loss and require Entourage repair solutions to be fixed.

You can understand this situation more effectively by going through the following scenarios, which occur with your Entourage application:

  • You migrate to a new MacBook, which has a newer version of operating system.
  • You install Microsoft Office for Mac on the new system using installation disk.
  • When you try to open Entourage after installation is complete, it refuses to start.
  • Other Office applications work file, but you get the following error with Entourage:
    “This identity cannot be opened with this version of Entourage.”

It makes all your critical data inaccessible and puts you in need of the Entourage recovery.

Cause of the issue:

Most Entourage users face this problem if the Identity was created in newer version and they are trying to access it with an older version. When you make a fresh installation of MS Office or Entourage, it does not have the updates, which makes it older than the version in which you had created the database or Identity.


You can easily sort out this issue by installing the most recent updates to MS Entourage. Follow the steps to install updates:

  1. Launch MAU or Microsoft Autoupdater by selecting “Check for Updates” option under Help menu in any Office application.
  2. Close all Office applications. The best way to do this is to log out and log in again by holding down the Shift key.
  3. Let the MAU download the latest updates and install them in order.
  4. Restart your Mac OS X computer. It is very important before starting any application.

Once you have installed the updates, you should be able to successfully access your Entourage data. However, if it is still inaccessible, then it could be due to corruption to the database, which you have to fix using third-party recovery applications, such Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair.

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