Entourage Database Repair To Fix Issues Post Operating System Upgrade

Software development is an ongoing process and the software vendors provide continues improvements and feature enhancements in form of updates and new versions. The same is true with Mac OS X operating system. The most recent version of Mac OS X operating system is Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. However, sometimes upgrading the newer version of the operating system can affect some existing applications, like Entourage. Such issues can even make your data inaccessible and put you in need of Entourage recovery solutions.

In order to understand this situation, consider the following scenario that you may encounter with Microsoft Entourage on Mac OS X machine:

  • You used MS Entourage on Mac OS X Lion and everything was working fine.
  • When Mountain Lion was release, you upgraded your operating system.
  • When you start Entourage after upgrading the operating system, it does not work.
  • Every time you try to open the Entourage application, it closes with the following error message:
    “Microsoft Entourage encountered a problem and needs to close”
  • You tried to change the Identity to fix this issue, but it does not help.

In order to gain access of your valuable data in such situations, you need to opt for the most effective Entourage repair solutions.


The problem generally caused by any of the following reasons:

  • Entourage preferences are damaged.
  • Microsoft Office installation is faulty.
  • MS Entourage database is corrupted.


Depending on the reason of the problem, you can get rid of this issue using any of the below mentioned solutions:

  • If the problem is caused by damaged preferences, you can fix it by simply deleting the preferences files and restarting the application. Upon restart, Entourage automatically creates new preferences files.
  • In case the above solution does not help, you need to reinstall Microsoft Office for Mac suite. It replaces all the damaged or missing installation files and makes the Office applications accessible.
  • If both the above methods fail, the problem could be due to database corruption. To deal with such issues, you have to opt for effective and advanced Entourage database recovery applications.

The commercial tools are capable of effectively restoring corrupted database with high-end recovery techniques. They offer simple, fast, and safe recovery in easy steps.

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