Entourage Recovery to Fix “Corruption detected on index” Error

Microsoft Entourage is a very advanced E-mail client by Microsoft Corporation for Mac OS X operating system. One of the most notable features of the application is Exchange Server support. It creates index of all your data in Exchange Server account and provide easy access. However, under some circumstances, you may find that Entourage database is not accessible due to corruption to the index. It leads to critical data loss and need Entourage repair solutions to retrieve data.

In order to easily understand the index corruption problem with your Entourage account, consider the below mentioned scenarios:

  • You receive a new mail in your Entourage account, but are unable to open the same.
  • Every time you click the mail and try to open it, the mail simply disappears from the window.
  • While opening the mail by clicking it, you may also get the following error message:
    “Corruption detected on index [MLRC:1]”
  • The problem persists even if you verify and rebuild the database using the Database Utility.

This issue leads to inaccessibility of data, which causes data loss and require Entourage database recovery to be fixed.


The index errors corruption errors indicate database corruption and Entourage cannot access a corrupted database. This issue is a clear indication of database corruption and you have to resolve it using appropriate solutions.


Go through the below steps to work around this issue:

  • Remove the Exchange Server account from MS Entourage.
  • Turn on the TCPflow and recreate Exchange account. Check the TCPflow log for information about the process.
  • The most frequent errors in the TCPflow log are wrong domain, wrong ID, wrong username, wrong server, and wrong SSL settings.
  • If synchronization takes long time to complete, then set Entourage to sync items of a particular category.

If the above process completes successfully and you get all your data, then the problem is fixed. In case the issue is not resolved or it is not with Exchange Server account, you need to go for third-party recovery applications, which ensure absolute recovery in all cases of corruption.

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