Entourage Database Recovery Post Disk Failure

Hard drive crash or system failure is one of the most common causes of data loss, which leads to serious results. Disk failures are usually caused by aged disks or power surges, which are very frequent. When a hard drive crashes, all its stored data becomes inaccessible and lead to serious data loss. Such data may include even your precious emails and contacts from Entourage. Entourage database in such cases cannot be restored from Time Machine backup and needs Entourage repair solutions.

In order to fully understand this situation, consider the below mentioned scenarios that you may run across with your Macintosh computer and Entourage database:

  • Your computer is malfunctioned and the hard drive is crashed because of a power failure or improper system shutdown.
  • You have a complete backup of all your data and thus you have restored your system from the Time Machine backup.
  • Everything goes fine with the restore process, but you fail to restore Entourage database from the backup.
  • When you launch Microsoft Entourage E-mail client, it gives you a database error and the Database Utility comes up.
  • Database Utility shows you two database files, one is older and one is very recent, and asks you to select one.
  • When you select either of these Identities, you get nothing in your Entourage database and data remains inaccessible.

This scenario indicates serious database corruption issue and requires Entourage database repair to be resolved.

Cause of the problem

You cannot restore the database from backup because Time Machine does not support backup of Entourage database. It causes corruption and is not advised by the developers of Microsoft Office for Mac.


In order to extract your inaccessible data from MS Entourage database in such situations, you need to restore the database from an RGE file, which is a backup file of the application. This is a manual backup process and RGE file will be available only if you have backed up the database using Export option under File menu.

If backup does not exist, then Entourage recovery software becomes need of the hour. Such tools are capable of dealing with even the most severe corruption problems and restore your database to original state. They deploy sophisticated scanning techniques to ensure absolute recovery of your precious data.

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